How should one store duck confit for longer periods of time?

  • Posted by: csheago
  • April 12, 2014


ChefJune April 13, 2014
You can vacuum seal them and freeze them for 6 months or so.
usuba D. April 12, 2014
Are you making your own confit? If so and done properly, by packing the legs in a crock and covering completely with the rendered fat that they were cooked in whilst hot, they will last for months If bought in a store and opened, I can't begin to recommend, not knowing how they were prepared. I have found that some confit made in the US and sold in stores has been lost in translation from the original pretense of the is preserved duck legs, hence should last for many months if produced properly. BTW, I think the set fat from confit is the most wonderful substitute for butter on bread.
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