Oops started a little too late

Hi -- I am bad at reading directions and started Melissa Clark's Duck Confit too late. This is the recipe: https://food52.com/recipes...

I have one pound legs, which means they need at least 32 hours to brine, but I need to start cooking them around 2pm tomorrow. Should I up the quantity of brine to speed this situation up? Thank you!

Ali Slagle


AntoniaJames November 23, 2016
They really don't need exactly 32 hours to brine. I've made that recipe many times, as written, with 24 hours or less of brining time. ;o)
Ali S. November 23, 2016
Phew! Thank you.
meathead November 23, 2016
Don't worry. The shorter time will be fine.
Ali S. November 23, 2016
I like your attitude. Thanks a million.
Nancy November 23, 2016
I would be afraid adding salr to the brine would make the dyck legs too salty. A quick skim of the comments showed at least one other person started too late and M-Clark said it was okbto beine only for a morning.
Think like J-Child...rename the dish and all is fine.
You are now serving: sauteed or roasted duck ;)
Nancy November 23, 2016
Salt not salr
Duck not dyck
OK to not okbto
Ali S. November 23, 2016
Thank you! I can't wait for my roasted duck.
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