Steamer wand for scrambling eggs

These scrambled eggs made with the steam wand from a cappuccino machine look very tasty. Saw this on, where a reader posted a comment with a link to a "how to" video on their site:

Does anyone use a hand-held steamer that you think would do the trick? (A cappuccino machine cannot be coaxed to fit into my kitchen.)

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • April 13, 2014


Pegeen April 14, 2014
Thanks! I'll check it out.
dinner A. April 13, 2014
Bellman makes a stovetop espresso maker (aka moka pot) with a steamer arm, and there is even a steamer-only version with no espresso basket. It makes excellent milk foam so I imagine it would work for eggs also. Here is a link to the steamer-only version; there are several versions of the espresso-making device:
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