I recently read an Eater Boston piece where a chef cited a most unique dish he had been fed in the South- that was Scrambled eggs with Squid Eggs. Online i have found videos of them etc. but next i'll try to contact that chef.

LeBec Fin


HalfPint February 10, 2020
Squid eggs are so underrated. I haven’t had them in scrambled eggs but my family makes salad rolls/wraps with whole squid. Think Viet spring rolls with whole boiled squid in place of the shrimp and pork but no rice noodles. About 1 out of every 3 squid has the roe. So if you want to source it, go to any grocery store (Asian grocery stores, usually) that sells frozen whole uncleaned squid. It’s a bit of work to clean squid but relatively inexpensive and easy. We also prep squid for hotpot and keep the egg sac which are easy to identify. I find the texture of cooked squid eggs to be delightful to eat. If you would rather not both with cleaning squid you could talk to a good fishmonger and ask if they sell it.
LeBec F. February 11, 2020
YAY half pint! tell us what it has for flavor AND texture plse.!
le bec fin
HalfPint February 11, 2020
@ Le Bec Fin, the flavor is mild, much like the squid body (not surprising). It is a flavor that will not overwhelm other flavors, so it can take up other flavors very easily. The texture when cooked is firm but tender, almost like cooked egg whites, with a delightful light chewiness from the little eggs.
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