Why does my ragu taste sweet?!

Cooking Ox tail ragu for the 2nd time and It is continually coming out sweet.. Ingredients are tomato paste, rosemary, and some red wine.. You cock It with carrot and celery but remove this.. Would the rosemary or carrot make the sauce sweet?

I'm no cook


Suzanna G. August 28, 2020
Too much sugar can make anything too sweet. TASTE your ingredients beforehand and adjust according to taste.
Author Comment
What kind of wine are you using? Maybe it's too sweet. Yes. Carrots are sweet only when cooked, so maybe you use too many carrots? Not sure as I don't know your recipe. And red onions are sweeter than yellow, white etc.
cookbookchick April 29, 2014
Onions, too, can taste sweet when cooked. Are you using a lot of onions in the ragu?
ChefJune April 29, 2014
We'd need to see the whole recipe to figure it out. Carrots definitely impart sweetness to tomato sauces. Depending upon what kind of wine you are using, that could add to it (but somehow I don't think so).
tyrannyofcake April 29, 2014
If it's not the wine, it could be the carrot, depending on how much you add. Celery usually balances that out, but not always.
Meaghan F. April 29, 2014
I'll bet it's the wine... What kind are you using?
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