recipe says 2/3cups, I used 2 but mixture looks very wet, please tell me it doesn't mean 2/3 of a cup???

Leyanne Taylor
Ima's Challah
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Leyanne T. April 30, 2014
I didn't start out to make a double quantity, I stupidly tried to rescue the first batch by doubling up the ingredients. I should have trashed it and started from scratch, but I really didn't want to waste the ingredients I'd already used.
It never struck me as odd that it would mean 2 to 3 cups as often in baking the liquid amounts can vary depending on the type of flour and how well it soaks up the liquid. I suppose I should have looked at other recipes before starting.
Leyanne T. April 30, 2014
In hindsight yes, but the use of the plural 'cups' indicates otherwise. Oh well, 12 cups of flour, 8 eggs, almost a whole jar of honey wasted. Not to mention the clean up! ;p
ill have to try again another day, my patience has worn quite thin now :(
Thanks anyway.
ChefJune April 30, 2014
I'm so sorry you misunderstood. But this recipe already makes "2 large challahs" -- why would you double that recipe if you'd never made it before?

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Greenstuff April 30, 2014
I would say that 2/3 in a recipe, and certainly this one, means two thirds. I'm sorry!
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