Does this recipe want "instant" yeast or just active dry? I ask because it clearly says "instant" but then asks for proofing the yeast...which I t...

...hought you didn't need to do with instant yeast. I would much prefer to use active dry yeast since that's what I already keep in stock. I'm really excited about this recipe in any case!

Ima's Challah
Recipe question for: Ima's Challah


Rivka September 21, 2012
So glad to hear it worked out!
Quinciferous September 21, 2012
Rivka, I made the challah two nights ago, and it is great! Because of my odd flour collection, I used 1 C regular whole wheat, 2 C bread flour, and 3 C AP flour. It worked marvelously. I overproofed them a little but they still turned out golden, gorgeous and delicious. Thank you for a very straightforward and forgiving recipe!
Quinciferous September 18, 2012
Thanks so much! I am really looking forward to making this challah. Yes, the only time i've been able to use fresh cake yeast was in a baking class through a culinary school -- it's hard to get for the home baker. I'm glad to know my yeast will do the trick!
Rivka September 18, 2012
Eek! I use active dry. I think I called it instant to contrast it from fresh yeast, which I guess is actually quite rare in the states. Sorry for the confusion - active dry is great.
Sam1148 September 18, 2012
They're interchangeable...Still it's best to proof it so not only does it blend better and gets a 'head start' you know the yest your using is actually active and alive.

Salt change the character of yeast and it's again it's best give it a head start without salt and 'proof' it's alive. You're dry yeast should be fine..but do go through the proofing process to help the mix. Sometimes, 'instant' yeast has some additive to prolong shelf life..but that's another story.
Treat them same--you'll be fine.
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