i would like to use a whole 5 lb bag of flour. Do you have a version of this recipe for the traditional challah volume? many thanks! this looks be...


  • Posted by: Tea
  • September 6, 2018
Ima's Challah
Recipe question for: Ima's Challah


creamtea September 6, 2018
Hi Tea. It might be best to find a recipe that's geared to the volumes you want to use, especially if you are baking for the holiday and feeling the pressure. Having said that, I find challah is pretty forgiving, and if you do want to try this particular recipe, I'd multiply the ingredients by ~3. (I base this on the "nutrition information on the side of a 5-lb bag of Gold Medal All-Purpose flour which states that there are "seventy-five 1/4 C. servings" in the bag and extrapolate from that by dividing 75 by 4--if someone has a more accurate idea, feel free to correct me!). I'd mix the "wet" ingredients and proofed yeast by hand. I'd hold back about 1-2 (?) cups flour or so from the dry ingredient mixture, which I'd add per the instructions, then add the held-back amount according to the "feel" of the dough (I assume you have baked challah before). You may not need all the flour you held back, depending on several factors (humidity etc). Full disclosure, I usually follow a different recipe, but have scaled up my recipe successfully. Perhaps the recipe author, Rivka, or one of our bread-baking community, will chime in with their expert advice. A happy and healthy year to you!
Tea September 9, 2018
thanks! hate to say it but i chickened out. Will try another time when I have a little more time... Ive used this quantity before but with a recipe geared toward 5 lb bag. I liked this recipe though and was going to go half whole wheat....
Nancy September 6, 2018
Other calculations bring the 5 lb bag of (all purpose) flour in at about 18 cups, which would mean a 3x factor compared to the original recipe (which uses about 6c flour).
Be sure to read the comments by others who have made this bread...adjustments of less or no sugar, be careful about not adding too much flour during the kneading, baking times.
Tea September 9, 2018
thanks -- i chickened out this time but thanks for your suggestions!
zahavah September 6, 2018
If it helps, there are ~20 C flour in a 5 lb bag - multiplying by 3 1/3 is a bit risky for bread. Do you have an industrial mixer for this amount of flour?
Tea September 9, 2018
i dont... ive done 5lb by hand previously. its a good work out!
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