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added over 2 years ago

At a good Asian deli, or the Asian section of your food store, look for a rice package (with chinese writing) and says "glutinous rice" on the package.

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Andrea Nguyen

Andrea is a cooking teacher, food writer, contributing editor at Rodale's Organic Life, and a cookbook author; her latest book is The Banh Mi Handbook.

added over 2 years ago

At an Asian market, you mostly find two kinds of white sticky rice -- long grain and short grain. The Thai variety is long grain and it tends to cook up a little drier than the short grain variety. To find the short-grain kind (what the recipe awkwardly refers to as Chinese), look for Japanese sticky rice, which is also known as sweet rice, glutinous rice, mochi rice/mochigome. I've seen 1-lb bags of Hakubai at Whole Foods sometimes. One of my favorites is grown in by Koda Farms in California (hurray for domestic production of excellent Asian ingredients). It's well distributed in the US. Check this link for availability near you:

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