Anyone know of rice powder? I have a recipe for a Thai chicken dish that calls for 2 T of rice powder. A local health food store thought rice "flour."

  • Posted by: toddnyc
  • March 9, 2013


sexyLAMBCHOPx March 9, 2013
This blog instructs you how to make rice powder.
boulangere March 9, 2013
Great link! If you're going to use a coffee grinder to pulverize the toasted rice, many will tell you to first grind raw rice in it first to clean it out. I've found that grinding raw oatmeal has a better cleaning effect, as the oats bind up the coffee leavings and oils very nicely, and also scour the grinder very well. After you've ground the toasted rice, repeat the oat process.....or not, as the leavings from the toasted rice may leave a wonderful flavor to your morning coffee.
Droplet March 9, 2013
Rice powder is different from rice flour. It is made from roasted rice, as Pierino noted. The heat changes the starches in the rice, and it acts differently in terms of binding ability and crispness.
boulangere March 9, 2013
Agree. Powder and flour are 2 different animals, and they behave completely differently.
ZombieCupcake March 9, 2013 Flour or powder it's the same :-)
nutcakes March 9, 2013
I'm not sure it is the same thing. I have had thai dishes, beef salad that I recall, that are sprinkled with pulverized rice powder and it certainly was not the same as rice flour. This link explains the type of rice powder I have encountered:
pierino March 9, 2013
I'm not convinced it's the same either (don't believe what you read at Amazon). I have package in front of me (Vietnamese) and it's labled ROAST Rice Powder which would see to distinguish it from flour.
ZombieCupcake March 9, 2013
Yeah same thing
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