Leftover rice

We had Chinese takeout last night and have 2 containers of rice left over... any suggestions?

Lucia from Madison


Devangi R. February 18, 2012
http://food52.com/recipes/15838_corn_pulao - try this rice with corn..if you want a savory dish..u will like it ..
AntoniaJames February 18, 2012
This rice pudding recipe, which I tested and think is terrific, calls for leftover rice. http://www.food52.com/recipes/15626_it_takes_a_village_meyer_lemonscented_rice_pudding I've halved the recipe with success. Try it!! ;o)
kcinmn February 17, 2012
Fried rice! Fry up some ground pork, scramble some eggs, slice some green onions and fry with some light soy sauce and a little oil! I think fried rice is actually better with day-old rice!
GIOVANNI50 February 17, 2012
Make arancini.
MarcusV February 18, 2012
I would finish that with a little sesame oil. Yum.
Darlene C. February 17, 2012
How about a rice casserole? Heidi Swanson does an amazing mushroom casserole:

DIdn't have wild rice, just leftover jasmine rice, and added some browned italian sausage. All that was need to complete the dinner was a salad.
softpunk February 17, 2012
Since you did Chinese last night, I second the suggestion of rice pudding.
mrslarkin February 17, 2012
fried rice! or rice pudding.
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