Why do the bottoms of my biscuits burn?

I have a thermometer in my oven, so I'm fairly confident that the temperature is accurate. It doesn't matter what recipe I use, I can't seem to prevent the bottoms from getting too dark. Any ideas?



lschmoyer May 10, 2014
Thank you all for your excellent answers. I doubled the baking sheets, pre-heated for longer than usual, baked in the upper third of the oven, and used a silpat mat. Perfect golden bottoms.
Sam1148 May 9, 2014
All the above...plus I recommend a 'airbake' pan. It's double hulled with a air gap between the layers so it's a bit insulated from the direct radiant heat of an electric range.
ChezHenry May 9, 2014
Double up on your pan, and move to the top rack of your oven, away from the heat element. Also, have you had your oven calibrated? It may be burning hot.
sfmiller May 9, 2014
The first thing to try, if you haven't already, is baking them on a higher oven rack. If that doesn't fix the problem, look at the thickness and material of your baking sheet. A thin or dark-colored baking sheet produces browner bottoms than a thicker, lighter colored one. If you have two baking sheets of identical size, try nesting them together to slow down the transfer of heat to the bottoms of the biscuits.
Declan May 9, 2014
Are you pre-heating your oven?
Also, if they're in a lower oven shelf, the direct heat will cause this
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