Am making flan; will unsweetened "Thai" coconut milk work that same as regular unsweetened coconut milk??? Made it yesterday and it is only 1

  • Posted by: mickle
  • May 10, 2014


mickle May 15, 2014
It was very thin and did not rise to top of the pan. Taste was good, but consistency was too soft and wet. Thanks for trying to help me.
aargersi May 15, 2014
I make flan often (like, really often) and have used coconut milk successfully. I have found that the best ratio for me is about 3 - 3.5 cups (give or take) of milk / coconut / etc. to 4 large eggs. If I add additional ingredients (say, a cup of pumpkin) I also add another egg. My guess is that you had an overage of liquid to eggs and that made it runny. Try again! You'll get it!!!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 12, 2014
Yes, they should be interchangeable. I think the end of your question cut off, did your flan not turn out as expected?
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