Thai coconut milk not acceptable?

I’m in the middle of a pina colada tres leches recipe, and realize I bought canned Thai coconut milk which is exactly what the recipe says to NOT do. How can I modify this?

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SillyBee August 6, 2020
I'm really not sure why Lyuba would specify non-Thai coconut milk. Her comment to Christine (was that you?) about coconut milk vs coconut cream still wasn't answered clearly. The ingredients of Goya and Thai coconut milk are the same except that the Goya contains a preservative (which personally I'd prefer to omit). My only guess is that sometimes coconut milk separates. However that can happen with any coconut milk, not just Thai. If it separates, warm the coconut milk until it can be combined again. That's all I can think....I would use the Thai Coconut milk myself.
HalfPint August 3, 2020
Not sure why you can’t use Thai coconut milk. I think it will be fine.
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