Bo Ssam Momofuku Roasting Question

I'm about to put my pork shoulder in the oven, and the recipe says just put it into a roasting pan. Did anyone put it on a rack in their roasting pan? Or literally just plop the thing into the bottom of the pan? Seems like it might cook more evenly if it was elevated off the surface of the pan, but I'm suddenly unsure and thought I'd see if anyone had done this and what they tried? Any help very much appreciated!

  • Posted by: MDC
  • May 10, 2014


Sophia R. May 10, 2014
I just put it right on the bottom of the pan and it cooked evenly - I guess the fairly low temperature helps to ensure the top doesn't dry out before the rest is cooked. Highly recommend the ginger scallion sauce if you are wondering whether to make it or not. And kimchi. Lots of kimchi. If the pork shoulder didn't make the entire house smell of roast pork and it was easier to do smaller servings I would make this dish all the time, it is so so good.
MDC May 10, 2014
Thanks very much for the help, I love the scallion sauce, I use it on all kinds of grilled meat, my first time with the Bo Ssam shoulder itself, I'm really looking forward to it!
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