Non-Fat Buttermilk for Grilled Chicken Wings

For the life of me I can NOT find full fat buttermilk in our stores. I am marinating chicken wings to be grilled from a recipe I found on CHOW. The wings will be marinated for 12 hours in buttermilk, hot sauce and spice, then drained, grilled and tossed with a mixture of hot sauce and butter. Is nonfat buttermilk going to screw up this recipe? Is there something I should do to the buttermilk to make it not mess up the recipe? Any insight is greatly appreciated, as the only nod to the "science" behind the buttermilk marinade is that it will make them "extra juicy" and "impossible to dry out". THANK YOU AS ALWAYS! (I'm supposed to marinate them tomorrow night!)

Ashley Marie
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1 Comment

cookbookchick May 20, 2014
I think I found the recipe on Chow that you want to use. It just calls for "buttermilk" which I feel certain refers to ordinary supermarket buttermilk. That will work fine as I believe it is the acidic nature of the buttermilk, not the fat content, that will give you the results you're seeking. Here is a thread on Food52 that might help you:
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