Rainer cherries

This week we got some beautiful Rainer cherries in our farm box, which we took with us on a short trip to snack on at our hotel. The hotel fridge was so cold it froze them, and now my beautiful Rainer cherries are bloated, brownish, sad, squishy blobs! Obviously they're not good for snacking now, but wondering what I can do with them. I'm guessing that re-freezing for cooking later isn't a great idea since they've already been frozen. I don't really bake or make sweets, so ideas for savory applications are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Kristen W.


JillFig May 30, 2014
I don't like to waste anything. If I were you I'd use them for a nice slow cooked braised beef or pork roast. You could also make a nice chutney with them to serve with curry or even as a sauce for ham!
Kristen W. May 26, 2014
You know, Maedi, I thought they would be fine b/c the discoloration and squishy texture were from defrosting (like grapes when frozen and defrosted) and not rotting, but per your suggestion I tasted one and it wasn't so great, so regretfully I did toss them. Live and learn...but I still love the pickling/chutney idea and would like to try it sometime.
Maedl May 27, 2014
Kristen, I, too, have learned from experience. The back panel of my refrigerator (this is a German built-in refrigerator) freezes anything that touches it. After having lost far too much lettiuce and tender fruit and veg, I have learned to put containers against the refrigerator wall to prevent any costly accidents.

My general rule is that if food isn't appetizing to the eye, it is probably not worth investing further time and effort. In the case of freezing, the texture has been damaged and cooking will only enhance the mushiness!
Maedl May 26, 2014
Sounds to me as if they should be tossed. If they are brown and squishy, that says it all.
Kristen W. May 26, 2014
Thanks for the suggestions, all. Pegeen, love the pickling idea! Any good recipes for pickling liquid, since I've never pickled cherries before?
Kristen W. May 26, 2014
SKK, I'm in San Diego. I thought it seemed kind of early, too.
SKK May 26, 2014
Rainier cherries are from Washington State and our cherry season does not start until July. Where do you live that these cherries would be in a farm box already?
Caryn May 25, 2014
Pit them, then soak in Brandy (or your favorite liquor). Wonderful over ice cream , pound cake. For a different kind of appetizer, mix with cream cheese , blending well and use on sesame crackers.
Pegeen May 25, 2014
Pickle them! Delicious. Do you like chutney or mostarda? They would be great.

Spread it on sandwiches or use as a side for pork, chicken, turkey or sausage.
Emily May 25, 2014
Mush them up and make them into smoothies
Kristen W. May 25, 2014
That's Rainier, not Rainer...
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