what to serve with Louisiana style smoked BBQ ribs

Dinner for 4 people but wondering what a great side would be for ribs ( apart from Corn)

Andre Leclair


Miachel P. June 4, 2014
Southern iced tea.
ChefJune June 4, 2014
I like to serve Maque Choux https://food52.com/recipes/6300-maque-choux and Spinach Rice.
Susan W. June 3, 2014
Growing up, my mom always made the best ice cold macaroni salad. Elbow macaroni, mayo, green onions, sliced black olives, pimentos and salt and pepper. So simple and so good.
bigpan June 3, 2014
... and beer !

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Aliwaks June 2, 2014
Can't go wrong with the BBQ classics, Cole Slaw, BBQ beans, Corn bread, Mac & Cheese. Or how about a vinegar-y String Bean & red onion salad or wilted bitter greens with a bit of smoked bacon & a healthy splash of vinegar (like a quick cooked modern collards).
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