CSA mystery item

This came in my CSA box today- the farm is in Middle Tennessee if that helps. I asked my extremely botanically accomplished mother and she had no clue what it was so if y'all do, let me know!

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irina June 8, 2014
Tarragon for sure. Make white wine tarragon vinegar, bernaise sauce etc.
Chicken tarragon is great also.
nancy E. June 8, 2014
It does look like tarragon. Eat some and tell us the flavour profile
Tony S. June 6, 2014
Looks like Mexican tarragon to me. It is easier to grow in a climate like TN than the French variety. Careful, it has a very pronounced anise scent and flavor. I would suggest cutting the quantity called for in a recipe back a little.
haapi June 4, 2014
ChefJune June 4, 2014
It looks like it could be tarragon or summer savory. They look quite a bit alike, but tarragon has more of a licorice flavor.
Bevi June 4, 2014
Does it have a smell? It looks like the wilder form or tarragon.
Diana B. June 3, 2014
I'm going to guess it's tarragon.
bigpan June 3, 2014
Looks a bit like tarragon. Rub some between your fingers and give it the sniff test.
WhileItRises June 3, 2014
You are correct! I don't know why that didn't occur to either of us. Thanks so much.
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