anyone know where in LA to buy prepared mincemeat filling? I loved the pies my mother made with it back east...came in a small box or jar. Seems uncommon around here.

  • Posted by: julieah
  • November 21, 2010


pierino November 21, 2010
Whole Foods has multiple locations in LA. That could be a start.
Savorykitchen November 21, 2010
in my area, the brand is "Nonesuch" which I think is just fun. I usually find it on the top or bottom shelf in the supermarket's bakery aisle - look near the canned pumpkin and other pie fillings. I've bought it in both the jars and boxes - it's good in either form.
TiggyBee November 21, 2010
I just saw jars and jars of it at Ralph's!!
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