How can I use overcooked pork chops?

I cooked up a few pork chops intending to put them on salads for lunches this week, but I screwed up and they are kinda dry and undelicious. Any ideas for a dish I can make with them or hide them inside of?



Marie T. September 11, 2020
Give the drug overcooked porkchop to the dog. He'll love it.
Marie T. September 11, 2020
I meant pork chop, not drug.
Lorraine B. April 30, 2018
See my post
Lorraine B. April 30, 2018
I just overcooked 3 bone-in pork chops.... They are dry but we'll seasoned. I saved them by removing the bones and slicing them very thin against the grain put them on the side. Since I was already also making chicken stock, I added the pork chop bones to it and let it simmer for another hour. Strained the stock, added some fresh udon noodles until cooked (2 minutes) and put this into a large Japanese soup bowl. Then added fresh chopped scallion, tiny sprinkle of fresh grated ginger, fresh spinach leaves, tiny drizzle of sesame oil and a tiny squirt of siracha, then added the thin slices of pork on top!! Wow!!!! Best udon soup ever! Pork slices we're so thin they softened right up in the hot soup... Try it if your chops are overcooked & dry.
GIOVANNI50 June 10, 2014
Put them in a food processor, use them to make meat balls.
aargersi June 10, 2014
Maybe an easy fake "pulled pork" - chop them up and mix with your fave BBQ sauce, then serve on a bun with pickles and onions and maybe some slaw

And you can always chop, mix with gravy, and serve on Texas toast or a biscuit for good ole' SOS
Dave O. June 10, 2014
I'm thinking a chili or stew? I know it's summer. The noodle idea sounds fantastic though.
saltybutter June 9, 2014
Nachos loaded with beans and veggies and pork chops.
UhOhSarah June 9, 2014
Oh that sounds good!

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Alexandra V. June 9, 2014
I would slice them thin, to put on some ramen noodles, add some steamed spinach and maybe a egg, and some scallions? The broth will help them seem less dry.
Lorraine B. April 30, 2018
Just commented also.... This is pretty much what I did with udon!! Delicious! The thin pork sliced are at the bottom of the bowl to get moist. There's also shredded chicken in my stock. Dinner saved and really yummy!
HalfPint June 9, 2014
Smother them in a sweet and sour sauce? I like Andrea Nguyen's,

It's not loaded with sugar or food coloring.
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