reheating basmati rice

Trying to get a smart cook's answer here as the Internet largely steers toward tossing leftover rice. Made pot of organic white basmati rice the other evening. We ate some of it directly after making, then I immediately cooled it down in fridge and froze the rest in freezer bag. Today I re-steamed/heated the rest gently with broth and butter in a saucepan and it was good and moist. I wanted to be sure there was enough though and I still have some leftover in the pan, which I put into the fridge in a container. So! What to do with said leftover? Is it a bad idea to reheat that AGAIN tomorrow? Don't totally understand this supposed bacteria thing. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Declan June 13, 2014
Susan is correct
Badly treated rice is. "Way up" on the food-borne illness scale. But sounds to me that you're being sensible.

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Susan W. June 12, 2014
No, it's perfectly fine to reheat it again. Bacteria is a problem when you don't keep foods hot enough or cold enough, but I have not ever heard of a problem with reheating twice causing bacteria to grow..especially not with rice. Your method of reheating sounds perfectly delicious by the way. :)
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