I can't find the recipe I want so desperately to make! It was a spread made with roasted red bell peppers, and its title started with "M".

The photograph showed it spread on slices of a baguette or some other bakery-style bread. It looks in the photo to be sort of a light orange color. Besides red bell peppers, it has toasted bread crumbs as an ingredient. I've spent all afternoon and evening (it's now 2:41 a.m. my time) going through all your RECIPES pages, through page 100! Going to bed now. Seems like only a few days ago it was showing up on lots of other people's "saved" lists. Maybe a Middle Eastern-style recipe?



Nancy H. June 18, 2014
Very much a Middle Eastern recipe, it's muhammara, sometimes spelled mhammara, comes from northern Syria/southern Turkey, and includes usually some Aleppo peppers (though there are not many peppers coming from Aleppo these days) and pomegranate syrup, aka pomegranate molasses. Recipe in my book The Essential Mediterranean.
Taylor S. June 18, 2014
Here it is! https://food52.com/recipes/6492-how-do-i-love-thee-muhammara
Regine June 18, 2014
Muhammara. Here is a recipe but google it to see other variations.

PazzoNico June 18, 2014
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