Crazed Juicer

I have a Waring Pro juicer which used to work ok. Lately, after just a few carrots or pieces of fruit, it goes nuts, makes a really scary loud noise, knocks the lid off and practically leaps off the counter. The last episode sent my daughter screaming out of the room. I have not found any helpful info or advice. I would like to try to make it work but have also considered a new juicer that does a better job removing the pulp. So...seeking advice on fixing as well as possibly purchasing a new one.



sexyLAMBCHOPx June 19, 2014
Any chance you purchased the juicer at Williams-Sonoma? If by chance, they will accept the return (even years!) and give you a new in exchange. Call your store beforehand.
Diana B. June 18, 2014
First thing I would do is call Waring and describe the problem to them. They may be able to diagnose the problem on the phone.
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