where can i find a lot of different salt free recipes

My Father is now on a almost salt free diet and everything has salt in it. I am cooking for him now and can not find a good variety of salt free recipes. Where can I find salt free recipes that are not repetitive and are tasty?

pamela rubar
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1 Comment

HalfPint June 18, 2014
I think for about 90% of recipes, you can leave out the salt, or drastically reduce it. Increase the aromatics, like herbs and spices, since 70-75% of what we perceive as taste is derived from our sense of smell, http://dwb.unl.edu/teacher/nsf/C10/C10Links/ericir.syr.edu/Projects/Newton/11/tstesmll.html.

When possible, add a little bit of acid (like lemon juice and vinegars). Try for recipes that also have interesting texture(s).

I would check out the American Heart Association website or cookbooks. I would also recommend looking at paleo websites, like nomnompaleo.com. The paleo follower tends to consume a very low sodium diet since processed foods (the major source of sodium in the American diet) are a big No-No.

When you need to add salt, make sure that it's iodized salt. Since research has shown that everyone, old and young, need iodine in their diet for good health,
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