Butter alternatives (allergen friendly)

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, treenut free, coconut free, unsalted butter. I have an earth balance, salted alternative, but I don't know how salted butter will impact the recipe. (Its a dessert recipe)

  • Posted by: Britjp
  • November 25, 2020


Miss_Karen November 25, 2020
Yes. Earth Balance is the best alternative butter I have found. My son is allergic to the protein in cow's milk (actual allergy-not lactose intolerant.) I use this in baking and cooking and NOBODY has been able to taste the difference between EB vs. unsalted 'real' butter in anything I have made.
Holly S. November 25, 2020
You can usually use salted butter in place of unsalted butter and reduce or omit the salt in the recipe—it may not be exactly as intended, but it’ll work. (BTW, I’ve heard Earth Balance is a good brand in general). Two articles that may help you out: Here’s one on butter alternatives: https://food52.com/blog/25598-best-butter-substitutes and here’s one on swapping salted for unsalted: https://food52.com/blog/15584-can-you-swap-salted-and-unsalted-butter-in-baking
Britjp November 25, 2020
Thank you.
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