Tasteless honeydew

I have a big honeydew melon with very little flavor. Any bright ideas for what I can do with it to improve the flavor or cook it somehow? Otherwise I have to try to feed it to the baby, or throw it in the trash!



Youarelove August 2, 2019
I grew up in the 1970s. Back then honeydew and cantaloupe melons were ridiculously sweet juicy and flavorful!!! Sadly, all the hybridization of these fruits has completely ruined them! If anyone knows where to source original heirloom seeds from that era, please let me know!

Corywaters22 October 28, 2021
Yeah. I got one good honeydew 3 years ago. It was so good. Rare find. They are ALL garbage bland pasty crap. I thought I'd have better luck on organic. No. Same thing. Honeydew melons are extinct.
Terry October 13, 2023
I ordered from Baker Creek Seed Co., which carries only heirloom variety seeds. My melons still turned out to be crunchy water so I assume this was because I'm a melon-newbie and did not provide what they needed in terms of soil nutrients, sunlight etc. I have most of the seeds left to plant so I'll try again next year.
Meeka May 30, 2019
Kebabs and other ideas! https://fruitsandveggies.org/stories/top-10-ways-to-enjoy-honeydew-melon/
csemsack June 27, 2014
Just feed it to the baby
mainecook61 June 27, 2014
What is the point of putting time and effort into produce that is inferior? Turn it into compost; feed the chickens; return it to the store and complain.
amysarah June 21, 2014
Under ripe/tasteless honeydew always reminds me of watermelon rind - so if it's not too mushy, maybe you could do an old fashioned watermelon pickle (which is made with the white rind,) using honeydew instead? Here's one recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Watermelon-Rind-Pickles-5643
Claire V. June 20, 2014
I would put it in a food processor and make soup. Possibly adding honey and your favorite citrus (maybe use ginger, cinnamon and cream or mint). You could also use it for a mixer for a cucumber melon spritzer
Declan June 20, 2014
Adults ... Inject Vodka
Kids ... Go with the lime
Friends ... Both Vodka and Lime
Dave O. June 20, 2014
I grill cantaloupe frequently, which really brings out the natural sugars and flavors. Also, I agree w the salt or try a little sugar on top. Or add it to a nice fruit salad, it adds a little crunch (think water chestnuts) and will soak up the other juices.
HalfPint June 20, 2014
Pickle it, http://goodbadgirlpreserves.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/807/
PazzoNico June 20, 2014
Another idea, try pairing it with another sweeter fruit (bananas, pineapple, etc.). If you eat them together, alternating bites, it sort of helps wake up your palate a little.
PazzoNico June 20, 2014
Try a tiny sprinkle of kosher/sea salt. Sometimes fruit needs seasoning, too, just to bring that inner sweetness right over the edge. Otherwise, I like the idea of roasting/baking it with a little sugar or honey. Maybe even a little hit of balsamic or something. Acid works like salt to bring out hidden flavors.
ChefJune June 20, 2014
I would add lime juice, mint and sugar and turn it into a sorbet. Also a pinch of black pepper. I find honeydews are often flavorless. That's why I generally opt for another variety of melon.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 20, 2014
Some of the ideas in this post (and the comments) might help: https://food52.com/blog/7632-uses-for-an-unripe-cantaloupe
Monita June 20, 2014
Puree into a soup; add lime juice, mint and honey for flavor
Sarah J. June 20, 2014
I would try the Genius Roasted Cantaloupe Recipe (https://food52.com/recipes/23737-the-joy-kitchen-s-roasted-cantaloupe) with your honeydew! That might help bring out the flavor.
tellmeaboutfood June 28, 2014
Thanks! I did. I turned out so-so. But thanks for the inspiration anyway.
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