Today I was given 200 oranges. I would appreciate sweet and savory recipes to use up all this fruit. Thank you!

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savorthis June 23, 2014
I have been eating a ton of caramelized oranges in salads (both leafy, grain or a combination) as well as condiments or even in savory dishes like pork belly tacos. Slice them thinly crosswise, spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle just a bit of sugar on top. Broil until browned and even a bit charred in spots. Cut into quarters.
Leslie June 23, 2014
This recipe is delicious!
Diana B. June 22, 2014
Orange sherbet!
terri H. June 22, 2014
Do you have a dehydrator? I dehydrate my oranges ,lemons and limes and then grind them to a fine or course powder in my magic bullet.The orange costs a lot I think and this way its it's a lot fresher. You can also put it in cute jars as gifts.Also I make a sauce just orange juice ,butter red wine in the pan I cooked my salmon in or you could make a nice salad dressing
PazzoNico June 22, 2014
OH..pickling brine! (Combined with vinegar of course)
PazzoNico June 22, 2014
Infuse some oil or vinegar with the peels. Maybe add a couple sprigs of rosemary, or tarragon, or basil, etc.

Use the zest to make orange salt or sugar.

Preserve a bunch of them using the same method to make preserved lemons.

Add some zest to a curing mixture for cured/smoked salmon.

Use the juice for marinades or sauces/glazes for chicken/fish/pork/etc. Gastriques, reduction sauces, beurre blanc/rouge, aioli, etc.


Or go old school and make Duck a l'orange.
Jan W. June 22, 2014
Any chance you know which variety of orange they are? Whatever you decide to do, definitely consider saving intact peels and candy them.
Patti I. June 22, 2014
They had a ton of ideas! Orangecello looked great to me.
Susan June 21, 2014
AntoniaJames June 21, 2014
Marmalade and candied orange peels. Make as much as you can possibly bear, and then follow HalfPint's excellent suggestion of donating the rest. ;o)
ATG117 June 21, 2014
Juicing, making marmalade, preserving, and candying peel seem like good options for so many oranges. Even so, donating or gifting are probably good ideas.
nutcakes June 21, 2014
I love orange and jicama salad. You can cube everything but matchsticks or julienne is more elegant. This is great with any Mexican or spicy or seafood dish. You can google a recipe but it is just assemblage. Cut jicama, add about equal parts of orange segments, add chopped fresh cilantro. dress with a bit of oil, lime juice and mayo or sour cream or crema or mixture. Chill. Sometimes topped with pomegranate seeds if available. Beautiful, juicy and crunchy.
Diana B. June 21, 2014
How about Juicing a bunch of them and candying the peels? If you don't want to do it right now, you can put the peel in the freezer until the mood strikes. As to the juice, well, it IS sangria season...
HalfPint June 20, 2014
Here's a recipe for Brandied Oranges,

Makes nice gifts.
A P. June 20, 2014
Thanks for the suggestions HalfPint! I think gifting some and donating is the best solutions.
HalfPint June 20, 2014
If you can't find something to do with all the oranges, you can always donate it to local food pantries. Try looking for one at
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