Anyone have tips for storing Ortiz anchovy after you open the jar? Refrigerate? If so, other than using them up ASAP, anyway to keep the color?



PazzoNico June 24, 2014
Just keep them submerged in oil (by about 1/8-1/4 inch; replacing/covering them with new oil each time you use them (olive oil or any neutral oil; which will be infused with the anchovy flavor and can be used as well). You can keep them in the original jar as long as long you can re-seal it each time. But I prefer to transfer them to a new container/jar.
Maedl June 24, 2014
If the anchovies are in a tin, put them in a jar along with the oil they were packed in and refrigerate. They keep for a very long time. I've never noticed any color change when I keep them.
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