Can I use a green pepper instead of red? Will it impact flavor too much?



Liza's K. June 24, 2014
Hi Heather,
I just took a quick look at the recipe and using green instead of red peppers will change the taste of it pretty dramatically. Red peppers have a sweet flavour, while green ones are more sour/bitter. That said, if you do go with the green ones, you'll end up with something kind of like Chicken Cacciatore, which isn't a bad thing. Recipes aren't written in stone, feel free to play around a bit with what you have on hand in the kitchen!
Heather June 24, 2014
I think I'm going to go for it with the green... And then repeat with the red another time. Thanks so much! This recipe is too easy/quick not to try tonight.
Merrill S. June 24, 2014
Great advice, Liza's Kitchen NYC. Heather, hope you like it with the green pepper!
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