How long will a pot of lima beans cooked with a ham bone be good on the stove once the burner is turned off?

I turned the burner off and left them on the burner with the lid on to cool off at around midnight then fell asleep and put them in the fridge at 7 this morning when I woke up. Are they still ok to eat? It's a big pot, I'd hate to throw them out.

  • Posted by: Miramia
  • June 24, 2014


Miramia June 24, 2014
Thanks for answers. :)
breakbread June 24, 2014
Having been in similar position myself (crock pot chicken stock or peas/ham bone), I would not worry about it. Refrigerate and enjoy when ready in another day or two.
Sam1148 June 24, 2014
It's not the 'USDA' answer but I'd say they'd be okay if you bring them back to a boil and then put them in the fridge again. Having the lid on you've basically killed any bad things in there, if the lid was off all night; toss it.
Miramia June 24, 2014
I dipped out a bowl full and added a bit of water and let them boil for about ten minutes and I haven't gotten sick yet. So.. we will see. My mother is very adamant about never reheating anything more than once so I'm not sure about reheating the whole pot then putting them back in the fridge.
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