Need slaw and side ideas for bbq tacos

Having people over Saturday, and of course my specialty is a pork butt on the smoker. However, its summer and I don't feel like doing the same old pulled pork sandwiches (Blasphemy I know). Thinking tacos with a fresh slaw or salsa to lighten things up. Maybe citrus in nature. Probably do a lime/tequila marinated pulled chicken option as well. Any ideas? Or am I just dreaming.

Dave on the grill


ATG117 June 29, 2014
I make a slaw with your standard shredded cabbage and carrots, to which I add mayo, greek yogurt, lime juice, salt, pepper, cumin, sriracha, and a touch of honey. I love serving guacamole with tacos. If tomatoes are sweet and juicy, you can leave them unadulterated but for a sprinkle with salt. Grilled corn would be great, too.
Dave O. June 29, 2014
Thanks guys. I did the citrus slaw from this site, but put some apple in there as well and it was great. Everyone couldn't get enough. I made Adam Perry Lang's pulled pork recipe, it's a bit involved, but well worth it.
meeya June 28, 2014
Candied jalapeños and peaches.
lapadia June 27, 2014
This recipe would be perfect for your lime/citrus/taco idea...
QueenSashy June 27, 2014
i can testify to that, made it gazillion times - it is a mighty good slaw!
maggiepcs June 26, 2014
It's rich, but a slaw with mayonnaise, chipotle peppers, and lime juice is easy and delicious
savorthis June 25, 2014
We eat tacos with slaw all summer long. My recent favorite involves cabbage, burnt oranges, green onions, cilantro. I slice the cabbage very thingy and salt liberally in a strainer while I prep the rest. Slice oranges thinly, sprinkle with sugar and broil until caramelized and a bit charred. Rinse/dry cabbage, toss with chopped oranges, green onion, cilantro and make a vinaigrette using rice vinegar, lime juice, the juice from the ends of the oranges, pepper and a hint of agave syrup or honey. Also good with some heat in the form of aleppo pepper. And sometimes I will crumble cotija, brown it in a pan and chop into little pieces. Avocado is a must as well.
jilhil June 25, 2014
Fresh corn kernels with butter and cilantro. (Or, if you want something richer, mix the corn kernels with a mixture of mayonnaise, lime juice, cilantro and pepper jack cheese then then bake until the cheese is melted.)
Taylor S. June 25, 2014
Here's a great citrus slaw to go with the pork tacos:
Susan W. June 25, 2014
If I had to choose my last meal, it would be tacos. I'm from San Diego, so I grew up on them. A taco bar with pulled chicken and pork is a great idea. Bowls of slaw (easy as shredding the cabbage and mixing with sour cream, cilantro and lime), sliced radishes, pico de gallo, lime wedges, diced jalapenos, diced avocados, black olives...the choices
are endless. Buckets of iced Mexican beer and a friend whipping up fresh lime Margaritas. Cold watermelon would make a good side.
mt G. June 25, 2014
Black beans and rice and fresh mango or pineapple salsa
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