Any fun lunch ideas to break up the monotony of an all day work conference?

Even better if it can be prepped in a hotel room since this conference lasts a long weekend...

Coco espresso


drbabs June 30, 2014
I think this sandwich is fun:

You can make the components ahead of time and put it together at the conference. If you get large loaves of bread, you can serve it like a giant hero.
Sam1148 June 28, 2014
Do a search on this site for Kid's Lunches. Amanda has some excellent ideas.
One thing you can do if there is a deli to make a charcuterie plate. Meats, cheeses, gherkins, olives. Some good mustard and bread or water crackers. And some grapes or other fruit item. Pack into a tupperwear using cupcake wrappers to section off items. Throw in some walnuts or almonds in there too.
Pegeen June 28, 2014
How many people are you cooking for?
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