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looking for a fun restaurant in Boston with great food

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ellenl July 1, 2014
Oh---forgot to add this----in an area where parking is difficult, Oleana is right across the street from a free lot that can be used by late aft. Who could ask for more?!
ellenl July 1, 2014
We recently went to Oleana. It was out of this world. You can spend a lot or keep it reasonable. The patio is the way to go (be there absolutely no later that 5:15---5 is better---as patio is first come, no reservations. It was delightful, had great energy, our server was charming. I thought the pacing was perfect for an outdoor summer evening. Don't go if you have to be somewhere else at a certain time.
kdjmom5 June 30, 2014
Liquid Art House just opened and is getting great reviews. Alden and Merrill really fun too, in Brookline. Toro, in the South End, has awesome tapas and really creative food. Clio is divine, very fun drinks and incredible sushi bar to boot.
ChefJune June 30, 2014
Wish we had an edit feature on here. Just after I clicked "send" I thought about Tiffani Faison's new bbq restaurant, Sweet Cheeks that I've been wanting to try. It sounds like fun, and she can cook!
ChefJune June 30, 2014
Yes, when you said "fun restaurant" and "Boston," I first thought of Summer Shack. As with Nancy, I'd go to the one in Alewife. And I also love Legal. Was just there two weeks ago. SO good!
puttakka June 30, 2014
Boston resident since 1999 and former server here. Need some parameters (i.e. price range, neighborhood type of food, etc). Haven't dined at the Summer Shack but I bet it's fun - and although foodies scoff at Legal's, I think the quality is good.

Here are my personal favorites:

Scampo (Liberty Hotel) - Italian, very high quality, famous-y chef, great service, and varied menu (you can spend a lot or a little). I think it's fun there (great outdoor patio). Their sister restaurant, Towne in Back Bay, is great as well.

Locale (North End - Hanover & Tileston St) - pizza and appetizers, kind of a hidden gem (no website menu or anything)

Neptune Oyster (North End) - food is great but wait is long and service snooty. If you want to eat there, I would try off-hours (like a late lunch). Otherwise, you'll have to wait.

Bistro du Midi (Back Bay) - Southern French; great food and service, in the bar area the doors open to a view of the Common.

Oleana (Cambridge/Somerville) - food is excellent but service is subpar (generally ruins my experience so I won't go there anymore, which is a shame because the product is divine). Great patio as well.

Douzo (Back Bay) or Basho (Fenway) - Fancy sushi, but quality is good, restaurant is definitely fun, and price:quality ratio great.

Nancy H. June 30, 2014
I love Jasper White's Summer Shack in North Cambridge for the very finest New England seafood (lobster, fried clams, crab, fish of all kinds, etc.) prepared under the direction of a great chef. There's also a Summer Shack in the Back Bay but the one at Alewife (pronounced Ell-wife, locals will know what you're talking about) is great and handily located to the Alewife T stop.
Greenstuff June 29, 2014
Maybe you could let us know what you're thinking of as fun? But the first thing that comes to my mind is Legal Sea Foods. They're a chain so not that serious but their commitment to quality is second to none.
Nancy H. June 30, 2014
True, Legal is a chain, but a small, local chain and totally unlike e.g. TGIF and the ilk. Seafood is great and that's the reason to go there. Julia always went for oysters because she trusted their rigorous inspection system. (Wine list usually pretty good too.)
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