Any suggestions for a low key (but great food obv, non touristy) NY restaurant in midtown west on a Saturday night? Thx!



amysarah March 17, 2011
I like Bar Pitti better than da Silvano too - food as good and less 'tude. Barbuto - also good, but have enjoyed other Jonathan Waxman places more. Relaxed and friendly though, so a nice experience, especially in summer when it opens to the street.

But neither of those is midtown west (where the rec's are slimmer.) Could suggest many others downtown, but to answer your question...

If you like Greek food, you might try Molyvos (7th Ave at 55th St.) Tons of great appetizers to share, delicious grilled whole fish and they have a very well priced pre/post theatre dinner, if that's on the agenda. Fun place.
ChefJune March 17, 2011
My go-to place is BEACON 25 West 56th Street. Waldy Malouf cooks most everything in a wood-fired oven, and the food is superb. Ambiance is super. They have a great bar, as well, and make a great burger, if that's what you're after. Prices are really reasonable for that part of town, and no, noone is paying me to say these things. ;)
saltandpeppersf March 17, 2011
Anitalectric... totally agree, besides going to work I never really hung out in midtown for that very reason.

pierino... funny, I've been to da Silvano and prefer Bar Pitti. First checked it out after reading an article in Food & Wine and then ended up living around the corner from there!

I just looked at the menu at Barbuto and am tempted to head down to W. Village now... yum. Except we have two other italian-ish meals planned.
Anitalectric March 17, 2011
Midtown West on a Saturday night spells touristy. The only reason I would ever venture there is for the best Thai in NYC, at Wondee Siam on 9th Ave. You don't have to shell out big time to eat well in this town :)
pierino March 16, 2011
Bar Pitti is very good. Right next door to da Silvano which is even better.

If you are up late, the restaurant chefs hang out at Blue Ribbon on Sullivan after work. Great roast chicken.
pierino March 16, 2011
For a SPLURGE splurge I'd try Per Se. I wouldn't discourage you at all from attempting Le Bernardin, but myself, I'd shoot for Babbo down in the Village. Subway connections from 72nd are pretty easy.

Not luxe but definitely good in the neighborhood of 72nd/Broadway, Cafe Luxembourg, formerly owned by Keith McNally. Plenty of good food in that neighborhood. Get up to Barney Greengrass (The Sturgeon King) for breakfast.
saltandpeppersf March 16, 2011
Here's where we're going during our stay in NY: Minetta Tavern, Locande Verde, ABC Kitchen, Balthazar for breakfast, and then a late lunch at Bar Pitti (old time fav from when I lived in NY) on the day we leave. Babbo would definitely be splurge-worthy (if you can get in!), I also love any of Daniel Boulud's spots. We fly in on a Saturday night and are staying in midtown west... I never really hung out up there so I am just a bit stumped on where would be fun but delicious after a cross country flight! BTW most popular restaurants open their reservation book 30 days in advance... so make sure you call exactly 30 days beforehand to try and get a good time slot!
Lizthechef March 16, 2011
We will be in NYC 72St/Broadway early June - thanks for all your suggestions! What about one splurge? Thinking LeBernardin...How far ahead does one need to try for a table? I guess this is only a question - sorry, I got excited when I saw the post...
pierino March 16, 2011
One of my favorite hangouts has always been Trattoria Dell' Arte on 7th and 57th opposite Carnegie Hall. They get a big dinner rush before performances but than it frees up again.
I've become a fan of Cho Dang Gol on 35th between 6th and Broadway. Korean and definitely not touristy.
I also like Le Trois Canards in Chelsea. 20th at 8th Avenue. Tiny dining room. Definitely quiet. Basic French.
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