I bought frozen hamburgers (uncooked) a year ago. Should I cook them and eat them, or pitch the meat? Thanks.

  • Posted by: mwb
  • July 1, 2014


boulangere July 2, 2014
I imagine they are far from spoiled if they've remained frozen. That said, you are probably looking at a question of quality, as there is a chance they have been freezer burned, which occurs when moisture has been leached out and dried tissues left behind. They may not be palatable as burgers, but possibly as an ingredient in chili, as suggested.
mwb July 1, 2014
Thanks, all! I decided to put the meat in the compost. (That's allowed in my neighborhood!)
BavarianCook July 1, 2014
We had some…umm..forgotten turkey patties in the back of the freezer and they showed some freezer burn. Solution: homemade dog food. Rather than wasting the meat, I grilled it and then pureed it in the food processor, added some cooked rice and mashed carrots, and a little leftover brown gravy to hold it all together. It was a big hit with my four legged furry children!
trampledbygeese July 1, 2014
Assuming they have been frozen consistently the whole year, and your freezer hasn't suffered any fluctuations in temp, like for example a power outage, they should, in theory, be fine.

If this was something I dug out of my freezer, I would start by giving them a good sniff. If they smell like meat should, then I would cook them very, very well (like I do with all store-ground ground beef products), preferably with something spicy or garlicky - so mushed into a chili or curry. In my own kitchen, I wouldn`t thaw them first, or if I had a microwave, maybe thaw them a little in there before frying or adding to the curry.

Keep in mind, that`s what I would do. But any ground meat in my freezer, I've ground at home under conditions I know and trust. Remember, you are the one eating this, so do what makes you feel most comfortable.
nutcakes July 1, 2014
What is the temperature of your freezer? Still tasty says that 6 months is for best quality, but if kept below 0 keeps indefinately.
trampledbygeese July 1, 2014
Is that below zero fahrenheit or celsius (question mark - because my keyboard is speaking french today and thinks É is a question mark)
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