is there anything equally tender yet not as fatty as pork belly?



bigpan July 2, 2014
Short ribs - but what makes all these things so yummy is the fat !
Slow roasted pork belly is a natural to pair with corn.
Susan W. July 2, 2014
I think on another thread, I noticed you are going to braise this cut of pork. Definitely don't use tenderloin. Pork shoulder is good...carnitas is a super fun dish that begins with a slow braise and then shredded and crisped at the end. A lot of the fat is rendered. Nothing can replace a luscious pork belly, but shoulder is good too.
Jan W. July 2, 2014
Pork cheeks? You have to slow cook them for at least 2 hours usually but once they start to break down they'll be exceedingly tender.
HalfPint July 2, 2014
The tenderloin is, provided that you don't overcook it.
ChefJune July 2, 2014
The tenderloin may be tender, but it does not have the same consistency in any way as pork belly. There is virtually NO fat on the tenderloin.

I wouldn't consider it in any way the same.
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