What is a good dessert to serve with pork belly?

  • Posted by: Lelieth
  • October 14, 2014


bigpan October 14, 2014
Although not dessert ish, creamed corn is a natural with pork belly (or at least it is at French Laundry); but my accompaniment would be a light red wine or even a dry port or sherry.
Maybe a tart shell with creamed corn and the piece of belly on top. A savory dessert.
Wow, what a surprise for your guests who are expecting ice cream and pie.
Lelieth October 14, 2014
Thank you all, for the great suggestions. I will try to do a combination of the fruit cobbler and a citrus sorbet. One can very have too much dessert.
Cav October 14, 2014
As CarlaCooks says, how you're cooking the belly should influence what you serve as a dessert. As should what you serve the belly with and how big a portion is going to be served. Also, the occasion. Is it a normal meal or an event? My personal preferences would go towards a lemon sorbet with a shot of vodka poured over and a scattering of pistachio's, basically thinking light and acidic, palette cleansing.
CarlaCooks October 14, 2014
It depends on how you're cooking/serving the pork belly. If you are making a Chinese recipe, try a dessert based on oranges (a nice quick-bread style loaf cake with orange glaze would be tasty). If you're making a trad roast with the pork belly, an apple or other fall fruit-based dessert would be good. You could also make a rustic pear loaf, which is always tasty.
Christine October 14, 2014
An apple - herb digestif served in an iced cordial glass, then apple cinnamon ice cream w/ an espresso on the side.
Susan W. October 14, 2014
A nice light one. Like Sam said, an ice or sorbet would be good.
Susan W. October 14, 2014
Or a granita. They are so fluffy and refreshing like a shaved ice.
Sam1148 October 14, 2014
Apple Cobbler. Cranberry Crumble. Peach Cobbler. Fruit sorbet.

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