Suggestions for repurposing too-soft home-canned pears? I used Bartletts (shouldn't have, obviously), canned in wine + wine vinegar. ;o)

Used recipe from Paul Virant's "The Preservation Kitchen," for Pear and Vanilla Aigre-Doux -- great taste, but the texture is oh, so very sad. Suggestions on ways to use the 5 pints we didn't eat over the winter? Including, or not, the liquid?

(I used half a jar for the marinade in pierino's Mysteries of Korea Town Flank Steak that I used for chicken thighs; it was sensational, as always.)
Thanks, everyone. ;o)



ATG117 July 4, 2014
Use in a cake or muffin, or mix into an ice cream base with other add-ins of your choice.
cookbookchick July 4, 2014
Or -- maybe a little off the wall -- but how about pureeing into pear sauce and using instead of applesauce in Merrill's wonderful Applesauce Cake with Caramel Glaze? I'll bet it would be delicious!
Sam1148 July 3, 2014
I've had a wonderful salad with commercial canned pears--which do tend to be mealy/mushy side.
One half of pear with bits of shredded cabbage and radicchio and fresh oregano. And a vinegar/pear juice/oil dressing. (and you have that in the cans). I think this is a bit better with mushy pears as the texture contrasts with the crisp cabbage and radicchio.
amysarah July 3, 2014
Maybe more of a fall thing, but add them to the braising liquid for a pork shoulder - let them cook down into a delicious jammy sauce. Puree them and swirl into yogurt. Use them as a component of a barbecue sauce for pork or chicken. Puree with a little pear brandy to sauce ice cream or cake.
PazzoNico July 3, 2014 can add the liquid to sangrias.
PazzoNico July 3, 2014
Incorporate them into a pasta sauce with pecorino or gorgonzola, maybe some prosciutto or speck..or pancetta. Or if you're up to it, a pasta filling with mascarpone and pecorino.

That or make some kind of savory jam/spread and serve with cheese.
Meaghan F. July 3, 2014
Maybe some pear butter?
mstv July 3, 2014
I think pureed cooked pears are a good addition to a salad dressing. If using them you can use equal parts white wine vinegar and olive oil, a bit of mustard, salt and pepper and half as much pear puree as vinegar or oil.
lapadia July 3, 2014
I'm thinking making a Shebet for Summer; something similar to this (?)
Patti I. July 3, 2014
Add some to some ice cream or puree and use as a topping.
Droplet July 3, 2014
AJ, I have a feeling the fruit will make a nice lukewarm summer soup in a combination with zucchini and a little bit of rice maybe, or in a more classic combination with watercress.
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