making fennel pollen salt

Was just watching Kevin Dundon's Irish cooking show and he mentioned making fennel pollen salt with lemon zest, but never described how to make it; it's not on the show's website, either. Googling didn't come up with anything but recipes to use fennel pollen salt, not make it. So do any of you accomplished cooks know how I might do this, as I have a nice stand of wild fennel in the back yard I'd love to make use of. Thanks!

Diana B


PazzoNico July 5, 2014
To add, you could harvest the pollen yourself if there's flowers on the fennel plants. Just let them dry a little overnight and shake them out. If not, you could use the fennel fronds to make a fennel salt.
Pegeen July 5, 2014
Diana, you could probably get the info you need here:
Diana B. July 5, 2014
Perfect, Pegeen! Thanks so much!
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