Is there a shortage of fresh fennel bulbs?

I have canvassed all the supermarkets in my AO and I cannot find fresh fennel bulb anywhere. Granted there are food delivery issues due to COVID19 esp. with fresh produce but I would like to believe it's out there somewhere. As a substitute in cooked dishes (like lentils and sausage) I am using thinly sliced celery with a dash or two of ground fennel. It'll do but really want the real deal.

So...where's the fennel?

The Pontificator


Lori T. July 1, 2020
As a gardener, I can tell you fennel is not a hot weather loving plant. It bolts, just like lettuce does, at the first sign of summer heat. Most American fennel comes from California and Arizona, which as you might imagine, have other things on their minds at the moment. It's just coming into season from the other hemisphere, but of course- imports are kind of disrupted at the moment as well. So you may have to make do for a bit. I'm not a fan of it myself, so I can assure you I'm not eating your share.
Nancy July 1, 2020
Various gardening and produce sites tell us peak season for fennel bulbs in North America is late fall to early spring.
You may have just seen a (normal) seasonal dearth in your markets.
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