What is best to serve with gumbo? (the gumbo is chicken and smoked sausage)



ChefJune July 16, 2014
I always serve rice, of course, Creole Potato Salad and a big green salad.
Chef L. July 16, 2014
I agree with Patti on the potato salad. Many true Cajuns actually put potato salad in their bowl of gumbo.
Debra July 15, 2014
I like stickier rice scooped in the middle of a bowl if gumbo. the starch improves the consistency, IMO. my son isn't a big fan if the gelatinous consistency that okra lends. so I have made a habit of roasting the okra(so much better than fried and healthier to boot) and using a significant amount to scatter on top of the bowl. and it makes a very pretty and modern presentation! purists will not agree
Maedl July 15, 2014
Rice, salad, and a bread pudding with bourbon sauce for dessert.
em-i-lis July 15, 2014
Green salad with cucs and tomatoes! Definitely French bread. File powder and hot sauce on the side. Cold beer! I could eat gumbo every day- aah!!
Patti I. July 15, 2014
Assuming you will have some rice with gumbo. We also frequently serve potato salad that you can put a dollop of in the gumbo or eat it on the side. French bread. A salad works fine with it too.
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