I made one the other day..mmm was not done after slo cooking @2hours.that recipe stated@250 degrees. 2burner one side on.etc..what grill temperatu...

...re do you use? Any comment helpful.

  • Posted by: jadams
  • July 17, 2014
Beer Can Chicken
Recipe question for: Beer Can Chicken


Patti I. July 18, 2014
I make these all of the time on my gas grill. I have 3 vertical burners. Leave the outside two on at medium high (375) and the middle one off. They turn out beautiful and brown!
jadams July 18, 2014
Thank you! .mines a4 burner.had the middle off...here in Texas it's hot.even on low....that's why I tried a slow cookin style at low heat @280 like that other recipe stated....wasnt beautiful brown but was moist at most places..I was concerned about difference in thigh and breast temp..
bamcnamara July 18, 2014
I set half of my grill on high and put the chicken on the can on the other side (indirect grilling) I don't think it's necessary to do as a "slow cook". I love this recipe and make at least once a week.....good luck!!!!
Susan W. July 17, 2014
My grill has a temp guage in the lid, but I baked some lemon chicken in an enamel cast iron pan and had it sitting on a cast iron griddle so the pan wouldn't turn black. The chicken didn't brown like it does in my oven, so I have a feeling I need to go even higher temp. 350-375 directly on the grill is perfect.
jadams July 17, 2014
I did place the beer chicken on a flat pan also..and it didn't turn a lovely brown either..my grilling will only get better..TY
jadams July 17, 2014
Thank you.I didn't think the oven and gas grill were similar to the temp gauge..iassumed the temp instruction would be with the grill section. LOL
Susan W. July 17, 2014
Hmm..the instructions call for 300-350 degrees for one hour. I would go.350-375 which is how I cook all my chicken on my gas grill. I actually just bought a chicken and beer today and will make this recipe.
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