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Pesto Trapanese
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Susan W. July 22, 2014
Recipes like this beg for options. If your tomatoes are small, add a couple. It's not an exact science like baking.
HalfPint July 22, 2014
Don't know what happened, but my questions is:

Do you have an estimate for the weight of the tomatoes? I have ripe romas but they're on the small side? How many grams or ounces of tomatoes would you say this recipe requires?
Emiko July 22, 2014
As Susan says, it's not an exact science, so I would say go for it with what you have -- 10 plum tomatoes (which are usually small, compared to say, beefsteak tomatoes) are a rough guide. More important, if you ask me, is that they are ripe and tasty! ;)
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