what to do with mushy cantaloupe?

I have an overripe but not spoiled cantaloupe and it's tough to eat straight and wondering what I can do with it to enjoy it?

Leslie Kaufman


jamcook August 2, 2014
These are all delicious ideas for a good tasting ripe melon, but if it is mushy, and the taste is "tough to eat " and it is really overripe ; you might be better off starting over with a fresh Melon. At the very least just try a simple smoothy ,and if it still doesn't taste right , you haven't spent an afternoon trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.
ChefJune July 30, 2014
Cantaloupe soup with mint sounds refreshing.
raz July 28, 2014
Put it in a blender and add sugar & ice It makes a great smoothie You can also add a drizzle of rose water #yum
HalfPint July 28, 2014
In the current heatwave in my area, agua fresca would be my recommendation.
Jan W. July 28, 2014
If you have an ice cream maker - you could easily make cantaloupe sorbet out of them. Just make sure to pass it all through a strainer of some sort.
ChezHenry July 27, 2014
Jam. Canteloupe Jam is a specialty in the South of France, actually they use their fanastic charenteis variety. Check out the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook for a perfect recipe.
Jan W. July 28, 2014
Charentais canteloupes stand virtually alone in the world of melons, maybe only crenshaw or piel de sapo melons are on par with their flavor/texture.
Horto July 27, 2014
my dog loves it!
PazzoNico July 27, 2014
Just another thought; I've used cantaloupe as a filling for tortellini (with mascarpone and pecorino), tossed it in walnut brown butter, and garnished with prosciutto. Really good, but maybe a little more work than you're planning on doing...?
Leslie K. July 27, 2014
No, I love to cook and this sounds scrumptious!
PazzoNico July 27, 2014
Some savory ideas:

Gazpacho or chilled soup would be good, too. Maybe with some lime and coconut water/milk.

Or some kind of chutney or savory jam. Cardamom, star anise, mustard seed, etc....or mostarda!

OR, puree and turn it into a vinaigrette to serve with fish. Basil or tarragon would be good.

Susan W. July 27, 2014
A cantaloupe granita would be fun too. I recently made one with an over ripe honeydew melon. It was so easy and refreshing on a hot evening. It's just melon, sugar and lime juice blended up. Pour into a flat pan and put it in the freezer until semi solid. Scrape with a fork and devour. :0)
boulangere July 27, 2014
It sounds like it would be perfect to put in a morning smoothie along with some yogurt and a little lime juice. Alternatively, purée it with some honey, fruit juice or sparkling mineral water, and freeze it into popsicles to cool you on a hot afternoon.
Leslie K. July 27, 2014
Yum, was thinking of a smoothie! Thanks!
Leslie K. July 27, 2014
Yum, was thinking of a smoothie! Thanks!
boulangere July 27, 2014
Leslie, you might also think about using it in combination with some berries to create something for the current contest. Perhaps a watermelon sorbet with blackberries?
boulangere July 27, 2014
Sorry, Leslie. I just cut myself a wedge of watermelon. I meant cantaloupe, of course. I guess it's a good thing I hadn't just cut a wedge of bleu cheese.
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