I would like to make some cheery jam with the amazing cherries in season right now. However, I'd like to add another flavor. Any recommendations?

I have had cherry and violet jam, which is heavenly, but I don't have access to violet. I was thinking of adding lavender, but my poor husband gets a bit tired of me adding lavender to everything. What other flavor might be interesting (I plan on using most of the jam as an accompaniment to duck breasts)? I'm not terribly interested in almond. Thanks for your suggestions!



bigpan August 2, 2014
In one word: rum !
Droplet August 2, 2014
You could also make some cherry mostarda (mostarda di ciliegie), very typical of Lombardy. I don't have a specific recipe for you, but I think you could successfully adapt this recipe https://food52.com/recipes/19307-game-hens-with-roasted-grape-mostarda.
Joannecs July 31, 2014
I made sweet cherry chipolte preserves from a recipe from julesfood.blogspot.com. It was a great recipe using some apple slices instead of pectin. It was a bit loose, but yummy spread on some goat cheese!
CarlaCooks July 30, 2014
This is why I love this site; you all have such great ideas! Thanks for your help! I think I am going to make 3 different kinds of cherry jam: one with rosemary, one with either port or cognac (this would be especially yummy with duck), and one with lavender (my husband doesn't have to eat that one!). Thank you again!
Nancy August 1, 2014
I've made brandied cherries (less sugar than jam) and they're wonderful on duck. If you have leftovers, there's always vanilla ice cream that needs a topping.
jamcook July 29, 2014
Just had a piece of toast with cherry blueberry jam.. blueberry is , I think, a very nice flavor.
drbabs July 29, 2014
I'm with your husband on the lavender--I love it but not in food. How about Chinese Five Spice powder? Or cocoa nibs? (cherries and chocolate…yum…)
aargersi July 29, 2014
I have been playing with pickled blackberries with juniper and bay ... have not perfected them yet but I wonder what that flavor profile would be like with the cherries? I know you say no almond, but I make a cherry, amaretto and vanilla jam that's pretty tasty ...
MicronCat July 29, 2014
Ginger with or without lemon or lime. Seriously delish.
ChefJune July 29, 2014
My first thought was Balsamico - but I think you'd need the real stuff ($$$$) and not the grocry store variety for the best result. EmilyC's suggestion sounds tasty. As a savory flavor, what about anise?
drbabs July 29, 2014
June, try making your own "aged" balsamic from the recipe in this article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/07/24/334424736/with-help-from-americas-test-kitchen-why-buy-when-you-can-diy

It's totally genius!
EmilyC July 29, 2014
I made the pickled cherries from the Gramercy Tavern cookbook over the weekend and they were one of the amazing things I've made/tried in awhile. The supporting flavors were vanilla bean, clove, cinnamon and ginger root. I liked that the clove, cinnamon and ginger were very subtle: the recipe called for 1 whole clove, 1/2 cinnamon stick, and a 1/2-inch piece of ginger for 4 cups of cherries. I think these flavors would be lovely in jam form!
Merrill S. July 29, 2014
Black pepper? Vanilla bean? Or how about trying a little of a more savory herb, like thyme?
Sini |. July 29, 2014
Cherry jam with red wine or port wine is amazing! Or you could add some herbs, such as rosemary.
Liza's K. July 29, 2014
Cherry Jam with Black Pepper is interesting: 3.7 kg depitted sweet cherries 7.0 g black pepper, ground 0.8 g cloves, ground 0.7 g ginger, ground 1.3 g anis seeds, ground 0.8 g star anis, ground zest and juice from 1/2 lemon 2.2 kg gelling sugar (with pectin and preservative)

Or you could do Cherry with Contreau and Grandmarnier, or Balsalmic Vinegar, or Cognac.
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