Brie not melting? I have a favorite recipe (brie & mango quesadillas) and used a 60% double cream brie from France. couldn't get it to melt! Ideas?

I have a favorite recipe ( I used a new (to me) double cream brie from France. Could NOT get it to melt! Anyone have any Ideas why? Too young? Wrong kind?



Debra July 30, 2014
if you try a different Brie, you might find more meltability. I find president brand to be not very Brie-ish at all. try a French Brie if you have access.
Beehive A. July 30, 2014
Actually the President brie melted beautifully, it was the French brie that wouldn't melt AT ALL. I am trying to figure out what to avoid next time. I am thinking that it was maybe a bit young... It retained its shape easily when I cut it and the mold on the outside was white, soft and fluffy (which I think indicates a young cheese).
Beehive A. July 29, 2014
Thanks Tasha,
I have made this recipe probably 100 times. I almost always use the same brie... President (brand) Brie, but the grocery store where I bought this cheese, only had a couple choices, all were imported from France and all were cut wedges from a larger wheel (not my preference).

I always try to cut the cheese into as thin a slice as possible - probably about 3/8" thick.

After I choked down the first couple pieces of quesadilla, I took the remaining pieces, opened them up and put them "inside" down in the skillet to try some direct heat. The cheese retained its shape and just got brown - still no melting.
Tasha July 29, 2014
Brie takes a but to melt. How thick is it? Is it exposed? Actually I'll look at the recipe haha
Tasha July 29, 2014
Yea I don't know why it wouldn't melt. Perhaps it's too thick for the time and heat you're using. I
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