Candied fruit peels

I made the DIY quinine syrup / tonic water recipe from this site this weekend (it's awesome btw) and wound up with what seems like candied lemon and grapefruit peels after making the aromatics for the syrup. Any ideas what I can use these for?



HalfPint August 4, 2014
TTry add the peel to hot tea. Would taste great with green tea.
ChefJune August 4, 2014
Candied citrus peels are delicious candy-snacking on their own. Or you could gild the lily by dipping their ends in melted dark chocolate. I like to make a lemon (curd) tart topped with candied lemon slices. You could use your peels similarly.
Meaghan F. August 4, 2014
Chocolate-dipped candied peels = one of the greatest gifts ever, even for people who swear they don't like candy.
Liza's K. August 4, 2014
Do you like to make chocolates? Or you can use them on a cake or for meringues. You could chop them up and put them in muffin batter also.
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