How much candied peel can you put in fruitcake?

I have a promising looking fruitcake recipe {have never made it before} but I want to avoid the pound of mixed candied fruit it calls for, substituting candied orange peel. Would a pound of candied peel be too strong tasting in a recipe that makes two loaves?

  • Posted by: witloof
  • September 15, 2017


AntoniaJames September 15, 2017
I think it would. I'm not a big fan of mixed candied fruit, so I usually substitute about a third candied orange peel and for the rest, I use dried sour cherries and cranberries, coarsely chopped, which I've briefly soaked in a touch of whatever liquor the fruitcake recipe calls for (rum, brandy or whiskey). You don't want the extra dried fruit to be too wet, but you also don't want it to soak up moisture from the batter, because the candied mixed fruit does not. An added benefit of these substitutions is that they cut the sweetness of the cake. ;o)
witloof September 16, 2017
Thank you! I will use your suggestion of one third peel, and try candied pineapple and dried mango.
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