I made these and they were delicious. But they stuck to the pan and didn't stick together all that well. What might I not done correctly? Thanks...

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  • Posted by: ntt2
  • August 6, 2014
Recipe question for: Spinach Balls with Mustard Sauce


ChefJune August 7, 2014
I wish I could figure it out for you, nt. I've never had them stick to the pan, nor fall apart. Are you at high altitude? Did you squeeze the spinach VERY dry? If there's too much water that might make them fall apart - but still no clue about the sticking.
Liza's K. August 7, 2014
My best guess is that you didn't squeeze all the water out of the spinach (without being in the kitchen with you, it's hard to tell). The excess moisture would make the balls less "sticky" and the egg wouldn't bind as well. Did you use a non-stick pan? Or line it with parchment? That might help with sticking.
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